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February 2015 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Lighter Molar Mass Lab

OK.  First things first.  You get some very funny looks when you buy this many lighters at Giant Eagle.  But, if you can push past that, and the occasional derogatory remarks, you have the beginnings of one of the very first inquiry labs I ever tried. I teach a lesson on the Ideal Gas Law, followed by a lesson on ...

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A Research Task Template

Last week I attended OETC and presented two sessions.  The first session was about three ways to use technology in high school science classrooms in order to meet the increased demands of Ohio’s new learning standards.  I presented the second session with my friend and colleague Tracy Coleman.  We showcased a template we created for teachers to use to make ...

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3 Easy Steps to Higher Quality

This week I presented a session at OETC on behalf of the Ohio Department of Education as a Network Regional Leader in Science and Technology.  My session was to focus on ways to meet the demands of Ohio’s 2010 standards and next generation assessments.  ODE has provided a tool to help teachers evaluate their practice called the Quality Review Rubric.  ...

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