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April 2015 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: April 2015

Collect Student Responses Easily with the NEW The Answer Pad

One of my favorite student response systems is The Answer Pad.  This week The Answer Pad released a new version of itself, a sleeker and cleaner interface with some excellent new features.  I participated in the beta testing and am anxious to start regularly using this new version of a great tool.  The color scheme and graphics look new and ...

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Get Ready for Quizzes with Quizizz

On Friday, during our 5 minute class change between second and third periods, I saw a tweet about a tool called Quizizz that I hadn’t heard of.  Intrigued, and still during the class change, I quickly searched and read about the tool.  It was one of the fastest and easiest tools to use I have ever tried; my third period ...

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A Station Rotation with Loads of Potential

A station rotation in my classroom usually means students are moving through a series of experiments in the lab in order to experience different aspects of a chemistry concept.  Every student completes the same stations, everyone has the same experience.  During my unit on chemical kinetics, I used a stations experience to deliver content in a slightly different way. Students ...

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Why We Opted IN

In Ohio we have landed in the lull between rounds of PARCC standardized tests.  As of March 19, 2015, almost 1,000,000 PARCC performance-based tests had been given in math and ELA; over 500,000 similar AIR tests had been administered in science and social studies.  Later this month we will begin round 2, the End-of-Course tests.  Much has been written about ...

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