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September 2015 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Blended Approach to Vocabulary

My school is focusing on vocabulary instruction this year with the hope of increasing academic gains in several areas. To that end, I was asked to design an inservice with one of my colleagues for our staff to show how we could use blended learning tools to discretely teach vocabulary this year. Because my standard vocabulary approach had been to ...

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Face the Dangers Boldly – Story

Face the Dangers Boldly Short Story on “Face the Dangers Boldly” Once upon a time a boy in early teens went about playing near some hedges laden with berries that looked ripe and juicy. The boy’s mouth watered and he licked his chops. At once the young boy started gathering berries. He was thinking of enjoying them at leisure. Just ...

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Drawing on Differentiation

Last year I did a lot of writing about asking students to draw models of particles to demonstrate their understanding of chemical concepts. I started this about ten years ago with my PLC and I always gain insight into my students’ ideas when I look at their drawings. Drawing has become a regular part of my chemistry class and is ...

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Making Time for Change

This weekend marks the end of my first ten days with students who have MacBook Airs as part of our 1:1 initiative this year. Overall, the first ten days have been good – the students are bringing their devices to class and they are charged and ready to go, for the most part. Some days we have used them a ...

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Affectation Seldom Works – Story

Affectation Seldom Works Short Story on “Affectation Seldom Works” Once upon a time there was a jackdaw who lived near a farm-house. The owner of the farm had kept some pigeons and he fed them with grains regularly. The jackdaw looked at the pigeons and envied them everyday. Deciding to share the feed, the jackdaw painted his body like that ...

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Islam and Free Market Economy – English Essay

Islam and Free Market Economy English Essay on “Islam and Free Market Economy”   Economics has become the corner-stock of our present life both for individuals and nations. The Third World countries are fast moving to establish their economies based on the capitalist pattern, commonly adopted in the West. Free market economy is holding sway in most of the developing ...

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