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November 2015 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Hidden Treasure – Story

The Hidden Treasure Short Story on “The Hidden Treasure” Once there was a farmer who was very hard-working. He had developed a grapery which gave a rich crop of grapes every year. Unluckily his sons were very easy-going young men. They seldom cared to help their father in his work. So, the farmer was much worried about their future. Reaching ...

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One’s Nature Seldom Changes – Story

One’s Nature Seldom Changes Short Story on “One’s Nature Seldom Changes” You may be surprised to know that all ants were human-beings to begin with. They lived by tilling soil and raising crops just as farmers do even now. But not content with what they got through their labour, these farmers always had their eyes on the crops of their ...

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Measure Progress with Two Great Rubric Tools

Lately I have been on a bit of a rubric rampage. I love rubrics for a lot of reasons. I think they make grading subjective work a lot easier. And they simultaneously help students differentiate between performance levels and work to improve. I like how creating a rubric really helps me think deeply about what I am expecting my students ...

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Provide Better Feedback with The Answer Pad

I can’t go to bed tonight until I write about all the great things happening with The Answer Pad. As a TAP Champion, I sometimes get to preview some features of this excellent tool before they go live for everyone. Today the features that I will describe have gone live for everyone, so please check them out. You will be ...

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More Buried Treasure in Keynote!

Last month I wrote about how there are some secret tools in Keynote. That was a great find. Last week I found some more. One of the features of iOS 9 I was most excited about was the ability to use two apps at once. When you are in an app, swipe left from the right side of the screen and ...

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