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November 2016 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: November 2016

6 Reasons to Take Another Look at Quizizz

Quizizz is one of my favorite web tools. If you need a quick game to review content, Quizizz can’t be beat. Search for public quizzes and launch in an instant. Control many features like whether or not questions are timed (and how long), whether or not questions are scrambled or whether or not there’s a leaderboard. Kids see memes when ...

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Individual Interactive Whiteboards: A Review of Ormiboard

Thanks to three great posts by Monica Burns about Ormiboard, I tried the tool out this month with my students. Ormiboard is a whiteboard tool. Where this one differs from some others, though, is that teachers can create interactive activities, give students a code to join, and then each student gets an individual copy of the board to use.Start with ...

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Short Note on Super Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer

Short Note on Super Computer, Mini Computer, Micro Computer Points :write short note on the following short note on super computer, mini computer, micro computer essay Super Computer These are the largest and fastest machines today where numerical computations are carried out speeds of up to 50 millions operation per second. Super computers are very sophisticated machines designed to performs ...

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Some advantages of Computer

Some advantages of Computer Points : some advantages of computer Advantages of Computer Speed:A computer can process data faster than any other machine designed to perform a similar task. Repetition:A computer can tirelessly performs the same operations millions of time in exactly the same way without getting bored and tired the way, a human clerk would. Accuracy:A computer’s high speed ...

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NEW Graded Assignments in Classkick

Twice in October I blogged about Classkick, one of my favorite platforms for practicing skills in a collaborative way in my classroom. On my most recent post, where I compared Classkick and Formative, this comment was posted by Laura Litton, the Director of Teacher Happiness at Classkick: Anxious to try out this feature, I used Classkick to monitor my classes ...

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Get Collaborative with Nearpod!

Last week I did one of my favorite things: I taught a chemistry lesson for fifth graders in honor of the American Chemical Society‘s National Chemistry Week. This year’s theme was Solving Mysteries with Chemistry, so the students solved a mystery of a robbery at a hypothetical bakery. Because they completed many experiments to analyze a mystery powder, I needed ...

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