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March 2017 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: March 2017

Differentiate between source and object program

Differentiate between source and object program Points : differentiate between source and object program Differentiate between Source and Object program Source Program Object Program 1. The main program or set of instruction in some high level language. The program which is being converted into machine code. 2. Before translation form. After transfer form. 3. Source program cannot be executed but ...

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Bottom-up Programming and Differs from Top-down Programming

Bottom-up Programming and Differs from Top-down Programming Points : what is meant by bottom-up programming? how does it differs from top-down programming, advantages of bottom-up programming Bottom-up Programming Bottom-up programming is the opposite of top-down programming. It refers to a style of programming where an application is constructed starting with existing primitives of the programming language and construction gradually more ...

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A Model Lesson

The best professional development I have attended this year was a day-long session on Modeling Education. For years I have seen information about the summer workshops offered by the American Modeling Teachers Association. I have wanted to enroll in one, but they often last several summer weeks and I haven’t found one close enough to home that means I wouldn’t ...

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Flipgrid or Recap: Which Should I Use?

This year I have tried two great, and similar tools, for asking students to make quick videos of themselves and submit them for viewing. Last month I blogged about using Flipgrid to record students as they demonstrate a chemical experiment and then explain it using a gas law. You can watch a sample here. Earlier this year I used Recap ...

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Memory Game: All Grown Up

As a kid, I loved to play cards. I have many fond memories sitting around the kitchen table with my grandparents, playing Go Fish, Rummy, and Cribbage. Once I got to college, my game of choice became Euchre. As a mom, I have gotten to revisit many card games, including the first one I remember ever playing which was the ...

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Keeping Our PBL Relevant: A Wrap-Up

I spent several hours today [finally!] grading the PBL that my students completed in January. If you haven’t read the previous 4 posts, here is a quick summary. In groups, students created an infographic about a topic related to chemistry because people don’t like chemistry because it doesn’t feel relevant to their lives.I’d love it if you’d take a look ...

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