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June 2017 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: June 2017

Memory Unit and its two major types

  Memory Unit and its two major types Points : define memory unit and its two major types, read only memory (rom), random access memory (ram) Memory Unit Memory unit is the place where the computer program and data re stored during processing. It is the area, through which all the data which is input into or output of the ...

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CPU and its different units

  CPU and its different units Points : cpu and its different units, central processing unit (cpu), ? arithmetic and logic unit (alu), centro unit (cu), memory unit (mu), Central Processing Unit (CPU) Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of computer system. We use CPU to control all input and output connections inside arid outside of computer to produce ...

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Are you #NOTATISTE, too?

This week you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting 5 or 10 tweets about ISTE17. I’ve never been, and I’m sure it’s awesome (or is it?), but I have participated a couple of times in the #NOTATISTE Community on Google Plus. The community was started in 2013 by Dennis Grice, but this year is hosted by Peggy George, Vicky ...

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Recap Journeys

In one of my most popular posts, I compared some key features of Recap and Flipgrid, two great tools that use video to capture student thinking. Last week I had the great fortune to talk a bit with Brian Lamb, co-founder of Recap, about some of the innovative things happening at Recap. The one that I was most excited to ...

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6 Highlights of my Apple Teacher Training

Last week I posted to my blog that I achieved the Apple Teacher designation and that I picked up a number of handy tips during the process even though I had been using iPads in my classroom for over five years. Here I share my favorite things I learned: 1. Slide Over OK, in fairness, this one was not really ...

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An Apple for the Teacher

Last September I signed up for Apple Teacher. Apple Teacher is a free professional development program that offers educators an opportunity for self-paced PD and recognition for what they know and are able to do on an iPad or a Mac. It was my goal to earn this distinction by the end of the school year, but I didn’t quite make ...

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