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September 2017 - Education Impression

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Function of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Computer)

  Function of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Computer) Points : function of alu (arithmetic logic unit in computer) The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): When the control unit encounters and instruction that involves arithmetic or logic operations, it passes control to the second component of CPU, the arithmetic/Logic unit (ALU). Arithmetic operations are as you might except, the fundamental math ...

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Parts of CPU

  Parts of CPU Points : Parts of CPU, Control Unit (CU), Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Registers, Memory Unit (MU) Parts of CPU: i. Control Unit (CU) ii. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) iii. Registers iv. Memory Unit (MU) Control Unit (CU):Control unit directs and co-ordinates all activity of computer It controls, Time and sequence of operation of computer. ...

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Classkick + Manipulatives = Winning

I’ve written about Classkick for practicing skills, fostering collaboration, and differentiating instruction. If you haven’t tried Classkick, here are the basics: You create assignment slides and students work on them. You can see work, and offer feedback, in real time. Students can also offer anonymous assistance to each other. Classkick offers an iOS app and also a browser-based tool. No ...

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