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February 2018 - Education Impression

Monthly Archives: February 2018

Supporting Parents Supporting Students: Start with a Calendar

  In my last post, what started as an endorsement of The Incredibles2, and their recent sneak peek trailer, ended as a declaration that parents need help supporting their children with school work at home. Think about how frameworks have changed over the last ten years (but certainly since parents were in school). When parents were in school, there might ...

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“Math is Math!” An Incredible(s) Reaction

It was a crummy week to be a teacher. Maybe that’s why I found special happiness on Thursday to walk into my house after work to the sound of my children’s laughter. They were crowded around a chromebook giggling, with my husband hovering nearby. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “An Incredibles 2 trailer has been released,” all three of them ...

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Word Choice: Use Ctrl+F when Proofreading Writing

This week a few of my students have asked me to proofread their research papers for English. The papers have been a fun read; I have learned about several interesting topics. One thing that struck me, though, has been stale word choices. In one paper I found the word however four times in one paragraph. In the paper pictured above, ...

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The Choice is Yours: Differentiating the Math of Chemistry

  Unlike many chemistry teachers, I don’t teach stoichiometry (the math of chemical reactions) all in one unit. I introduce the mole early in the year with atomic structure and cycle back to the mole concept in every unit I teach. Today I took my second pass at reaction math, incorporating what the students have learned about gas laws in ...

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