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‘B’ idioms and phrases with urdu meaning

Idioms and Phrases beginning with ‘B’

Idioms and Phrases With Urdu Meaning


Hole the baby کم سنبھالنا When Mr. James was imprisoned Mr. Josepih held the baby.

Back friend ساتھ دینے والا دوست There are few back friends left nowadays.
Back handed غیر مخلص Beware of the back- handed friend.
He is playing a back-handed game with us.
Backing down پہلو تہی Once you have made a commitment let there be no backing down.
Back-number بیکار An aged man is a back- number.
A dismissed minister is a back-number.
Back of پیچھے China is back of Pakistan.
Back out وعدہ سے پھرنا Dishonest business people back out of their deals when the market goes up.
Back water چپو چلانا پیچھے کو We had to back water to reach the shore.
Break the back of کام کا بڑا حصہ ختم کرنا/کمر توڑنا Government of a big country can break the back of the stronger Prime Minister.
On the back of کافی پیچھے Russia is on the hack of India.
Back out پھرنا It is no heroism no back out of your commitments.
Put one’s back into سخت محنت کرنا You must put your back into preparation for the examination.
Behind one’s back into پیٹھ پیچھے Behind my back at the office, my assistant puts everything in disorder.
To back up حمایت کرنا For a good cause one must always back up.
To turn one’s back upon منہ موڑنا It is shame in you to turn your back upon your fiends in trouble.
Back and belly روٹی کپڑا It is very hard to earn back and belly now-a-days.
Backstair influence خفیہ مضبوط سہارا/سفارش Come what may, I will get a job with out backstair influence.
To Set one’s back کسی کا ناراض کرنا I do not think it is advisable to set any body’s back.

Backbite چغلی کھانا It is not good to back bite your friends.

Backbone ریڑھ کی ہڈی/اہم A Prime Minister is a backbone of the democratic government.
Backbone less غیر مضبوطی/کمزوری A weak democratic government suffers from backboneless.
To the backbone مکمل طور پر All our staff are honest to the back bone.

To bring one the bacon مقصد میں کامیابی I had to work before I brought him the bacon.

Bad debt قرضہ جو واپس نہ ملے Sooner or later you have to write off a bad debt.
Bad man بدمعاش Every town today is full of bad men.
Bad shot غلط اندازہ His examination was a bad shot.
Go to the bad برائی اپنانا The whole nation is going to the bad.
In bad books معتوب Rahat is in bad books of the principal.
With a bad grace نامہربانی He received the guests with a bad grace.
Bad blood دشمنی Do not have bad blood With anyone.
Bad time برے وقت During the bad time relatives and friends do not stand by.
Bad form بد اخلاقی A person with bad form does not succeed in life.

Bag and baggage بوریا بستر I left for Pakistan in 1947 bag and baggage.
Let the cat out of the bag راز کے لئے دینا The women quite often let the cat out of the bag.
In the bottom of the bag آخری کوشش کے طور پر He had his gun in the bottom of his bag go help his brother in the fight.

Accept, dmit to, Allow Bail ضمانت پر The magistrate accepted the bail of a rich man to set the prisoner free.
Bail up مغلوب ہونا The debtor was bailed up.

To hang in balance غیر یقینی The future of a young man hangs in the balance.
Balanced personality مستقل مزاجی Quaid had a balanced personality.
To lose one’s balance توازن کھونا While getting down from the car, my wife lost her balance.
Balance of advantage سفارش {بڑی} He has balance of advantage in getting the job of an overseer.

Keep the ball rolling کام چلتا رکھنا When a man dies, his family has to keep the ball rolling.
Ball at one’s feet کامیابی ہاتھ میں ہونا In the next General Elections, no party will find the ball at its feet.

Band of hope تنظیم جو نشہ وغیرہ سے پرہیز کرے There is no band of hope in the world today.

Bandy words بحث و مباحثہ When you have lost a case, bandying words wil not save the situation.

Bang-up فیشن زدہ Every university boy is in the bang-up.

Break the bank جوئے سے He broke the band and won a large sum of money.
To bank upon انحصار Even at the age of thirty he banks upon his parents.

Go bankrupt دیوالیہ Many traders go bankrupt because of their dishonesty.

Keep the banner flying کام کرتے رہنا While I am away from the force, please keep the banner flying.

To forbid the banns شادی میں رکاوٹ ڈالنا When the boy wanted to marry, the girl’s mother forbade the banns.
Bail up He has balance of advantage in getting the job of an overseer.

Baptism of blood شہادت /مرجانا Tipu Sultan accepted the baptism of blood at the altar of the freedom of Muslims.

Call to the bar بیریسٹر بننا Many young boys are called to the bar.
At the bar وکالت کی پریکٹس کرنا For many years Abraham lincoln was at the bar.
Cross the bar مرنا Quaid crosssed the bar on September 11, 1948.

Sell one a bargain بیوقوف بنانا The lawyer sold the litigant a bargains.
Strike a bargain بات بننا The man struck a good bargain with the shopkeeper.
Dutch bargain پینے پلانے پر ختم ہونا{معاملہَ In all bargains, the drunkards always prefer to Dutch bargains.

Bark up the wrong tree غلط جگہ جانا/تہرے بندے پر شک کرنا In investigating the murder of the Railway Minister, the police is barking up the wrong tree.

Basking shark خطرناک لیکن غیر مضر شخص A police officer is a basking shark.

To have too many eggs in one basket بہت کچھ کرنا A modern businessman has always too many eggs in one basket.

To carry out one’s bat کام کو کامیابی سے مکمل کرنا Mrs. James hopes to can our her bat.
Off one’s own bat اچھے بل بوتے پر One rises or falls off one’s own bat.
Bated breath رکی ہوئی سانس The people heard the tidings with bated breath.
Off one’s own bat اپنی کوشش سے I have made all money entirely off my own bat.

Masked battery دشمن کی نظر سے اوجھل Radio Pakistan is a kind of masked battery.
To turn a man’s battery against himself کسی کو اسکی دلیلوں سے ہرانا I turned his battery against himself while discussing politics with him.

Half the battle کامیابی کی طرف لے جانا Passing a university examination is half the battle to getting employment.
Not to know from battledore ناواقف So far as chess is concerned, I do not know AB from battledore.

Stand at bay دشمن کا سامنا When the enemy attacked, the patriots stood at bay.
To bay at the moon ناممکن کے حصول کی کوشش Your efforts are all baying at the moon.

At the point of bayonet زبر دستی The soldiers robbed the civilians at the point of bayonet.

Be all and end-all آخر نتیجہ One should never be too proud, death is the be-all and end-all of all human beings.

Draw a bead on نشانہ لینا The acoit new a bead on the policeman
To tell one’s beads تسبیح کرنا An aged man should retire from politics and tell his beads.

On one’s beam-ends تشویش میں You have to offer help when you find someone on beam-ends.

Full beans پر جوش After the college exams the students are full of beans.
Give one beans دھمکی دینا When a child does something wrong, do not give him beans.

Bear a hand مدد کرنا Kindly bear me a hand in lifting this burden.
Bear away سمندر میں سفر شروع کرنا The ship bore away with the tide.
Bear Hard مرضی کے بغیر Do not bear hard on the child.
Bear in hand امید رکھنا/برقرار رکھنا Please bear the youth in hand.
Bear out تصدیق کرنا Please bear out that I have done no harm to you.
Bear up حوصلہ برقرار رکھنا You must bear up until the trouble is over.
Bear up for سفر کرنا Please bear up for a great position in life.
Bear with برداشت کرنا You should bear with your friend’s weakness.
Borne in upon زبردستی متاثر کرنا It must be borne in upon you that I am not going to take lies.
Bring to bear عمل میں لانا Great influence was brought to bear upon the minister for getting quotas of steel.

Beard a loin in its den بڑی طاقت کو للکارنا Challenging the might of the Mughals, the Sikhs bearded the lion in its own den.

Beat about the bush بال کی کھال اتارنا There is no use always beating about the bush.
Beat a retreat ہتھیار پھینکنا Before the advancing forces of the enemy, the patriots beat a hasty retreat.
Beat down کم کرنا The Pakistani ladies are often competent in beating down the prices.
Beat it بھاگ جانا When the down appeared, the cat beat it.
Beat the air بے مقصد لڑنا In fighting against the people, a government can only beat the air.
Beat one’s brains پریشان ہونا Do not beat our brains about the illness of your father.

Beau ideal خیالی خوبصورتی Truth should be the beau ideal of life and not money which is the beau ideal now-a-days.

Beauty sleep آدھی رات سے پہلے Let us have some beauty sleep before the clock strikes twelve.
Beauty queen خوبصورتی کی ملکہ/حسن کا پیکر Salma is the beauty queen of saman a bad College.

To become of ہونا / انجام ہونا What will become of his Sons after his death?

A bed of roses آسان Life is not bed of roses.
To take to bed بیمار ہونا He has been taken to bed for the last ten days.
Bed-fellow ولی دوست Kamran and Mohsin are bed-fellows.

Beforehand with the world آسانی سے ملنا The prince was before hind with the world.

Begging letter خیرات کے مقصد سے خط The mail of begging letters is heavy but it is seldom replied.
Go a-begging ضرورت ہونا Because of a ceiling on big properties huge building go a-begging for customers.

To begin with شروع میں To begin with I am not acquainted with Pakistan History.
To begin the world زندگی شروع کرنا It is very difficult to begin the world now-a-days.
Beginning of the end باب بند کرنا It is begging of the end for the Pakistani National Assembly which Ghulam Ishaq had rightly advised that its should be dissolved.

Behind the scenes پردے میں The principal and the lecturers are having their successions behind the scenes.
Behind the time ماضی میں The main reason for his dismissal from service was his being behind the time.
Fall behind پیچھے رہ جانا He has fallen behind in English studies.
Behind one’s back پیٹھ پیچھے I do not like your habit of criticising a man behind his back.
Behind hand پیچھے Our commitments for June will be behind hand in July. Let us complete them in May.

Bell the cat ناممکن کام کا عزم The opposition wants to oust the Prime Minister from power but no body is ready to bell the cat.
Bell-bottomed ٹخنوں سے کھلے Modern boys and girls wear bell-bottomed pants as the latest thing in fashion.
Bear off or carry offbell پہلی پوزیشن لینا In the last General Election Mrs. Benazir bore off the bell.
To sound clear as bell صاف ہونا بالکل His love for you sounds clear as a bell.

Below one’s breath خاموشی سے We are talking below our breath.
Below the mark معیار سے کم His work is below the mark.

Belly god پیٹو Ahmad is a belly god.

Hitting below the belt وار کرنا {گھٹیا طریقے سے} It was a moral code with our Aryan forefathers never to hit a man below the belt.
Hold the belt بیلٹ والا ہونا My friend held the belt in the last boxing championships.

Bemock the moon بیوقوفی کرنا If you have lost the game, don’t bemock the moon.

But and a ben دو کمروں کا گھر He lived in a but and a ben.
live but and ben عزت سے رہنا For many many years she lived but and ben in her village.

Bench hole ٹوائلٹ Go, ease yourself on the benchhole.
On the bench جج کا دفتر Mr. afeer is on the bench of the Lahore High Court.
Raise to bench جج بننا My friend, Mr. Safeer, has been raised to the bench.

Bend one’s knee جھکنا Never bend your knees before anybody except God.

Beneath contempt حقارت سے بالا تر The Prime Minister Thought him beneath contempt.

Benefit of the doubt شک کا فائدہ Many criminals are set free because of the benefit of the doubt.

To the top of one’s bent رغبت سے زیادہ He enjoyed liquor to the top of his bent.
Take to the bent اڑانا When we came, they took the bent.

To run berserk پاگل ہونا Many men in Lahore run berserk on account of hot and damp weather.

To bive a wide berth to فاصلے پر رکھنا It is best to bive a wide berth to insincere friends and acquaintances.

Beside oneself آپے سے باہر When the boy returned home, the mother was beside herself with joy.
Beside the mark, point, question غیر متعلقہ Your discussion is beside the mark. Your argument is beside the point. Your answer is beside the question.

Best-seller ہاتھوں ہاتھ بکنے والی “India’s War With Pakistan” was the best seller.
Best boy, girl اچھی / دلپسند Rahat was the best boy in the party.
Best maid دلہن کی طرف Mariam was the best maid at Salma’s wedding.
Best man شہہ بالا Who will be your best man tomorrow?
Best part بڑا حصہ I had little money for the best part of my life.
For the best اچھے ارادے سے I helped her with the best intentions.
Give one the best فتح دینا In this game of cards, I give you the best.
Have the best of it مقابلے میں جیتنا Kashmiris had the best of it in struggle war against India.
Had, were best اچھا ہونا I were best. Me were best.( it were best for me.).
Make the best of ones way جتنا آسانی سے کر سکے Let us make the best of our way in life.
Put one’s best foot forward اچھا آغاز In whatever work we are called upon to do, let us put our best foot for- ward.
To the best of my belief جتنا میرے علم میں ہے To the best of my belief, he is a reasonable man.

Be better than one’s work وعدے سے زیادہ کرنا Let us be better than our word.
Better off اچھے حالات People today are better off than before independence.
Get the better of برتری ہونا/فائدہ ہونا By and by will get the better of any trial or trouble.
Think better of چھوڑنے کی سوچنا I have learnt to think better you.
Better late than never نہ آنے سے دیر بھلی Even if you start with your studies now it will be better late than never.
One’s betters برتر / عزیز One should always respect one’s betters.

Between whiles وقفے میں I hope to write to you between whiles.
Between you and me and the post راز کی بات Between you and me and the post, I have lost my money.
Between the devil and the deep sea پریشانی میں As and authou, I am between the devil and the deep sea.
Between two tires دو پارییو ں کے درمیان A wise arbitrator always avoids to bet between two fires.
Between cup and lip امید و حقیقت کے درمیان There is many a slip between the cup and the lip.

Beyond Measure ناقابل پیمائش The success achieved by Waqas is beyond measure.
To go beyond حد سے گزرنا Never go beyond reality.

Bid good-bye خدا حافظ کہنا As soon as the train whistled he bade good-bye to his friends.
To bid welcome دل خوش آمدید When we reached the party we were bid welcome by Mohsin’s uncle.
Bid fair لگتا ہے Hide bids fair to become a minister.

Big bellied حاملہ The big-bellied lady is about to bear a child.
Big business اچھا کاروبار Big business runs the government in many countries of the world.
To talk big لمبی چوڑی ہانکنا He is in the habit of talking big.
To look big متاثر کرنا Reality is reality, looking big will not convince me.
Big with young حاملہ She is big with a young now-a-days.

Bill of fare کھانے وغیرہ کی لسٹ He told the bearer to bring the bill of fare before ordering his dinner.

Bind over قانونی ذمہ داری He was bound over for the security of the child.
Be bound up in واقف مکمل طور پر He was bound up in his work.
Bind/dare ذمہ داری I dare or I will be bound.

Bird- eyed تیز نظر والا He is a bird-eyed man.
Bird’s eye-view عمومی سوچ سے اوپر You can have a bird’s eyeview of Lahore from the top of Minare Pakistan.
Like bird تیزی سے He did everything like a bird.
A bird’s eye-view عمومی سوچ We could hardly have a bird’s eye-view at the time of Quaid’s cremation.
Birds of same feather ایک جیسی عادتوں والے Birds of the same feather flock together.
Bird in hand یقینی A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
To kill two birds with one stone ایک تیر سے دو شکار Every politician tries to kill two birds with one stone.

Set up one’s birse غصہ بڑھانا Kashif has set up Wasim’s birse.

Bit and sup کھانے پینے کو Let me have bit and sup.
Bit by bit تھوڑی تھوڑی I will manage to write the book bit by bit.
Do one’s bit اپنی کوشش کرنا I will gladly do my bit for you.
Tobive a bit of one’s mind کھری کھری سنانا When I asked him for some money, he gave a bit of his mind and said no.

Bite the dust مرنا The greatest conquerors have at last bitten the dust.

Bitter end آخر تک The Pakistan Army fought to the bitter end.
Bitter-sweet تلخ و شیریں کا امتزاج Life is bitter-sweet.

Black and blue شدید The teacher beat the boy black and blue.
Black sheep کالی بھیڑ There are black sheep everywhere in social organizations.
In black and white تحریر میں Please submit your demands in black and white.
In one’s black books نا پسند He is in the black books of his teacher.
Blackmail ناحق فائدہ You can no longer blackmail him, as full details have been published in the papers.
Blackhole فوجی قبضے میں During every war many soldiers are blackholed by opposite groups.

On the wrong side of blanket حرامی He was born on the wrong side of the blanket.
Wet blanket مزہ خراب کرنا A selfish man is a wet blanket.

Turn a blind eye نظر انداز کرنا It is best to turn a blind eye to other people’s doings instead of coming into conflict with them
Blind man’s holiday روشنی سے پہلے Rahat and Nadeem enjoy a blind man’s holiday.
Blindfold غیر محتاط Your blindfold habits will ruin you one day.

Block up روکنا Rains have blocked up the Lahore Road.
Chip of the old block باپ جیسا His child is a chip of the old block.

Blood hound جاسوسی I hope you are not a blood hound.
Blood sucker خون چوسنے والے Most of the shopkeepers are blood suckers.
In hot blood قبضے میں He killed the man in hot blood.
In cold blood سوچ بچار کے بعد The man was killed in cold blood.
Flesh and blood انسان A flesh and blood is never happy in life.
Blood and iron طاقت کا ظالمانہ استعمال Hitler mastered Germany through blood and iron.

Blow hot and cold ادھر ادھر کی بانکنا If you want to win the war, you must not blow hot and cold.
Blow one’s own trumpet اپنی تعریف کرنا It is not good to blow one’s own trumpet.
Blow over گزر جانا Every unpleasant happening blows over in the course of time.
Blow up غیر موجب The earthquake blew up.
The minister blew up with anger.
Blow upon غصے میں آنا The people blew upon the leader.
To come to blow مارنے مرنے پر آمادہ After their heated discussion both the groups came to blows.

Once in a blue moon کبھی کبھار He comes to see mc once in blue moon.

To sweep the board کامیاب lmran Khan has always been sweeping the board in his life.

To sail in the same boat ایک کشتی کا سوار Both husband and wife are sailing in the same boat.
To have an oar to another’s boat دوسروں کے معاملات میں ٹانگ اڑانا It is unwise to have an oar in another’s boat.

Body and soul دل و جاں He devoted his body and soul for getting first class in the B.A. examination.

Bolt from the blue غیر متوقع حملہ Her sudden illness was a bolt from the blue.
Have shot one’s bolt اس سے زیادہ نہ کر پانا The Congressmen have shot their bolt.

Bone of contention وجہ فساد Money is always a bone of contention in the family.
Make no bones of ضمیر کی خلش Many men do not make bones of their morals.
To the bone اندرونی حصہ He is a Jana Sanghi to the bone.
To pick a bone with someone جھگڑنا I do not want to pick a bone with anyone.

Bring the book سوال کرنا You will be brought to book for all your misdeeds.
Tade a leaf out of another’s book دوسروں کی مثال سے فائدہ اٹھانا It is time for young men to take a leaf out of their elders’ book.
Talk like a book کتابی باتیں Do not talk like a book before melet me know your mind.
Without book یاداشت سے The judge talked without book.
To be in one’s good books نا پسندیدہ He is in the good books of the manager.
To be one’s bad books نا پسندیدہ He is in the bad books of his manager.

Get the boot معطل ہونا The dishonest employees got the boot.
Die in one’s boots فرض کے دوران فوت ہونا My brother died in his boots.
Have one’s heart on one’s boot ہمت ہارنا The constable had his heart in his boots.
To make boot of فائدہ The new policy of the Government is going to punish those who are making boots by charging higher prices.
To be given the boot معطل ہونا He has been given the boot from the service.

To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth منہ میں سونے کا چمچہ لے کر پیدا ہونا Salma was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
To be born under a lucky star خوش قسمت He is born under a lucky star.

Bosom friend ولی دوست You are my bosom friend.

Bottle up بند کرنا We were bottled up in the house.
Pass the bottle of smoke جرم کرنا The men in power are forced to pass the bottle of smoke.

Bottomless pit دوزخ Let the wicked get to the bottomless pit.
Get to the bottom سچ کی تلاش Let us get to the bottom of the story.
Stand on one’s own bottom آزاد/اپنے پاؤں پہ You must learn to stand on your own bottom.
Touch bottom سطح سے گر جانا Goodwill of the ruling party has touched the bottom.
From the bottom of the heart بہت زیادہ خلوص سے We thank you from the bottom of our heart of what you have done for us.

By leaps and bounds دن دوگنی رات چوگنی With the help of a guru you can make progress by leaps and bounds in the spiritual world.

Lady bountiful عزت دار خاتون Rani is the Lady Bountiful in our town.

To make one’s bow ریٹائر ہونا/عزت سے The fault of our leaders is that they never want to make their bow once they become ministers.
To draw the long bow لمبی چوڑی چھوڑنا Do not draw the long bow in the court because you will never be able to brave your statement.
On the bow hand ضائع ہونا He did his best, but his efforts were on the bow hand.
Two strings to one’s bow متبادل ہونا In dealing with your enemy you should have at least two strings to your bow.

Bowwow دھمکی آمیز In dealing with a strong opponent, a mere bowwow will not help you. Carlyle wrote in bowwow.

In the wrong box غلط جگہ پر In a crowd of politicians I find my self in the wrong box.
To be in the box پریشانی میں He is in the box now-a-days.

Boy friend دوست Every nice girl should have a nice boy friend.

Brain fag ذہنی تھکان Every one suffers from brain fag after a hard day’s work in the field or in the office.
Brain wave خود ذہن میں آنے والا سوال A brain wave can often carry you through an emergency.
Brains trust ماہرین کی کمپنی Radio Pakistan has a brains trust to speak on the national problems.
To blow out one’s brain گولی سے مارنا During the war the soldiers are ordered to blow out one’s brain.

Root and branch مکمل طور پر He uprooted the cause of distress root and branch.

Brand from the burning خطرے سے نکالنا His life was brand from the burning when his friend came to his help.

Brazen-faced بے شرم There are more and more brazen-faced boys in a schools and of faces.

Breach of the peace امن کی خرابی Bad characters are responsible for the breach of the peace in the street.
Breach of promise وعدہ خلافی The boy’s father is responsible for the brcachof promise.

Bread and butter دال روٹی Everybody works hard for his bread and butter.
Bread study روٹی کمانے کے لئے کوشاں Most of the education to-day is mere bread study.
Bread buttered on both sides پانچوں انگلیاں گھی میں ہونا The sons of a minister find bread buttered on both sides.
Take the bread out of one’s mouth روزی سے محروم If you dismiss a man from job, you take the bread out of his mouth.

Break away جدا BanglaDesh has broken away from Pakistan..
Break a jest مذاق اڑانا Mian Nawaz Sharif quite’ often broke a jest.
Break down ناکام/خراب ہونا In times of emergency all controls tend to break down.
Break ground کسی چیز میں رہنمائی The laboures have broken the ground for new work.
Break in, upon or into زبردستی گھسنا The intruder broke in upon our meeting with a pistol.
Break loose زبردستی نکالنا The boy has broken away from the family.
Break no squares کوئی فرق نہ ڈالنا Your speech breaks no squares in the government policy.
Break off اچانک بھاگنا The boy has broken off with the family.
Break one’s mind کسی سے بات بانٹنا At last the mother broke her mind to the son.
Break out پھوٹنا Plague has broken out in the city.
Break the heart دل توڑنا The death of my brother has broken my heart.
Break upon the wheel سخت سزا دینا The rebels were broken upon the wheel.

Make a clean breast اعتراف جرم کرنا The murderers of Shahid have not yet made clean breast.

Above one’s breath اونچا Please speak above your breath.
Below or under one’s breath آہستہ آواز میں Some people are in the habit of speaking under their breath.
Catch the breath سانس روکنا Yogis can catch the breath.
Out of breath سانس پھولا ہونا I was out of breath after catching the bus.
Take breath آرام Please take your breath before you talk.
Spend one’s breath بہ فضول بولنا Why are you spending your breath.?
With bated breath حیرانی سے The boys listened to the teacher with bated breath.

Breath again پرسکون ہونا After the result, Mohsin is breathing again.
Breathe freely آسانی میں ہونا In my house you can breath freely.
Breath upon کام پر قبضہ لگانا Your action breath upon your father.
To breathe one’s Last مرنا My friend breathed his last on 27th May, 1975.

Wear the breaches حکمران ہونا My wife does indeed wear the breaches in the house.

Breeze up تازہ دم Let us breeze up in the garden.

Bribery oath رشوت نہ لینے کا حلف Nobody is asked to bribery oath because everybody is taking bribes.

Like a ton of bricks بھاری پڑنا The death of my brother fell on me like a ton of bricks.

Take a brief کسی کی ذمہ داری لینا The lawyer has accepted my brief.
The brief and the long مکمل کہانی The brief and the long is that the doctor killed my brother.
To be brief تھوٹے لفظوں میں To be brief, I am too busy to meet Dr. Dilawar.
In brief مختصراٍ Please describe the matter in brief.

Bring about وجہ بننا M.r. Quald brought about great changes in the country.
B ring down عاجز Do not bring down your friends.
Bring forth پیش کرنا Evil brings forth evil.
Bring forward بڑھانا I have brought forward the sum due to you.
Bring in متعارف کرانا I was brought in to the grand assembly.
Bring out واضح کرنا Please bring out the meaning of your poem.
Bring over بدلنا You cannot bring me over to communism by violence.
Bring round ہوش میں لانا Sprinkling of water on his face brought him round.
Bring under قابو پانا The British failed to bring Pathans under.
Bring up the rear آخر میں آنا I bring up the rear in the procession.
To bring about وجہ بننا His negligence brought his failure.
To bring to mind یاد کرنا Please bring to mind. I paid you rupees ten last Sunday.

Broken man بیمار/دیوالیہ It is not good to be a broken man.

Browbeat تیوریاں دکھانا The boss quite often browbeats the employees.

Brown study اداسی/اداسی میں Keats was often found in brown study.

Brush up بہتر کرنا Read my book “Brush Up Your English”.

Bubble over ناراض ہونا My child bubbled over her pocket money.
To prick the bubble بھانڈا پھوڑنا Defeat and death prick the bubble of life.

Buck up خوش ہونا Buck up; you are winning the game.
Pass the buck دوسرے پر ذمے داری ڈالنا The ruling party tries to pass the buck to the Opposition for inflation and rising prices.

Give the bucket معطل کرنا The dishonest employee was given the bucket.
Kick the bucket مرجانا Many a dozen friends have kicked the bucket in 1975.

Nip in the bud شروع میں ختم کر دینا It is always best to nip the evil in the bud.

To build castles in the air خیالی پلاؤ پکانا It is no use building castles in the air; do something solid.

To get the bulge on one کسی پر فائدہ لینا It is not easy to get the bulge on the ruling party.

A bull in the china shop موقع کے مطابق ناموزوں ہونا In high society the villager is a bull in the china shop.
Take the bull by the horns مضبوطی یا اعتماد سے خطرے پر قابو پانا If you are in the trouble, always take the bull by the horn.

Burn a hole in one’s pocket پیسے خرچ کرنے کو بے چین ہونا A hundred rupee note burns a hole in the pocket of a youngster.
Burn one’s boats فیصلہ کر لینا If you want to win a victory against heavy odds, burn your boats behind you.
Burn out جل کر ختم ہونا The soldiers burnt ‘out the whole town.
Burn the candle at bothends اللے تللہ کرنا/پیسہ ضائع کرنا The boy burnt the candle at both ends by gambling and bad investment.
Burn the midnight oil سخت پڑھائی کرنا Many student burn the midnight oil near the examinations.
To burn one’s fingers نقصان اٹھانا Confine to your work and do not burn your fingers.
Burn day light وقت ضائع کرنا I don’t like people burning daylight.

To burst into tears رونا On seeing her injured, she burst into tears.

Bury the hatchet دشمنی ختم کرنا India and Pakistan have buried the hatchet.

Beat about the bush ادھر ادھر کی ہانکنا If you need money ask it. There is no use beating about the bush.

Mind your own business اپنے کام سے کام رکھنا Will you please mind your own business?
Send about ones business معطل If you misbehave, I will send you about your business.

Butt in مداخلت When I am speaking, don’t butt in.

Butter one’s words ڈھیر لگانا Please don’t butter your words when you speak to me.

Buy in ڈھیر لگانا Big business people buy in and create shortages.
Buy off, out پیسے سے خریدنا He brought off the hotel he went to eine in.
Buy up سارا ڈھیر خریدنا By and by he became a minister.

By and by رفتہ رفتہ By and by he became a minister.
By and large سچی بات یہی ہے By and large, mothers control the house.
By the way ویسے ہی By the way, how much money have you in your pocket?
By the by ویسے ہی By the by, what is your name?
Let bygones by gones جو ہوگیا سو ہو گیا I would very much appreciate if you will please let bygones be bygones and talk about the present only.
By dint of وجہ سے By dint of hard work, he secured first position in the university.

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