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‘C’ idioms and phrases with urdu meaning

Idioms and Phrases beginning with ‘C’

Idioms and Phrases With Urdu Meaning


Caesarian operation بچے کی پیدائش آپریشن کے بعد Junaid was born through a Caesarian operation.

Cakes and ale زندگی کی اچھی چیزیں A few men have cakes and ale in the world while many do not have even dry bread and water.
Eat one’s cake and have ft too دو چیزوں کا فائدہ لینا A lot of rich people eat the cake and have it too.
Take the cake عزت دار Mr. Faheem has taken the cake.
Apiece of cake بہت آسان Life these days is not a piece of cake.

Golden calf دولت کی پوجا Many people to-day worship the golden calf.

At call ہر وقت موجود For fortunate notable people money is at call.
Call attention یادکرنا یا کروانا Let me call attention to your childhood days when your condition was miserable.
Call cousins دعویٰ Let us call cousins.
Call down گالی گلوچ I do not call down my friend.
Call for پکارنا/دعویٰ کرنا He called for his old debts.
Call forth جگانا/ابھارنا Let us call forth the help of gods.
Call in مدد کے لئے پکارنا Let us call in the Police.
Call in question شک کرنا People have called in question the robbery of MCB.
Call off نکلوانا The strike was hastily called off by the port labour unions.
Call on ملنے جانا Let us call on the chief Minister for help.
Call out چیلنج کرنا The Frenchman called out the English cavalier.
Call over اونچا پڑھنا He called over the register of rolls.
Call to mind یاد کرنا Let us call to mind the olden and golden days.
Call to order اثر کرنا The Speaker called the Assembly to order.
Call up بلانا All retired soldiers were called up because of war.
Within call تھوڑے فاصلے پر If you are sincere, you will always find me within call wherever I am.
To call bad names گالی دینا It is not good to call him bad names.
To call away تبدیل کرنا/ہونا His attention was called away by the appearance of a young girl.
To call into being تخلیق God has called the whole world into being.

Burn the candle at both ends دونوں ہاتھوں سے دولت اڑانا Please don’t burn the candle at both ends.
Not fit to hold a candle مقابلے کے قابل Mrs. Bhutto is not fit to hold a candle to Bhutto, although she bears his name.
Candle power روشنی ناپنے کا پیمانہ This is 20- candle power lamp.
Canine appetite بہت زیادہ بھوک The have-nots suffer from canine appetite.

Under canvas خیموں میں رہنا For years the refugees lived under canvas.

Feather in one’s cap قابل فخر Atomic tests are feather in the cap of Pervez Musharaf.
cap and bells پیشہ ور مسخرے He bears cap and bells.
Cap in hand عاجزانہ She has set her cap in hand.
Set one’s cap at ڈورے ڈالنا She has set her cap at him.
The cap fits حوالہ کا مناسب ہونا When Professor Wajid talks of dictatorship, the cap fits him.
Throw uo one’s cap خوشی کا اظہار When they won the game the children threw up their caps.
Cap-a-pie سر تا پاؤں He was a gentleman, cap-a-pie.

Capital error سخت غلطی By giving employment to that fellow you have made a capital error.
A capital sentence سزائے موت At last the court decided to bive a capital sentence to Ghazanfar for the murder of his wife.
Make capital out of فائدہ لینا A shrewd beggar makes capital out of his misfortunes.

Captain of industry صنعتی ملازم {بڑا} Don’t expect a Fovour from me, because I am not a captain of industry.

Cards in one’s hands قابو میں Shrewd business folk keep the cards in their hands.
Cards on the table ذرائع وغیرہ کھلے ہونا Quaid kept his cards on the table.
Knowing card مکمل شناسا A successful businessman is a knowing card.
Play one’s cards well اچھا کام کرنا You must play your cards well to win success.
Show one’s cards راز کھولنا Never show your cards to your competitors.
Speak by the card مطلب کی بات کرنا A great leader speaks by the card.
Sure card کامیابی کا پکا ذریعہ Money is a sure card in the world now-a-days.
House of cards کمزور منصوبہ If you work on a house of cards, you will never be successful.
Throw up the cards شکست قبول کرنا You have no way out now except to throw up your cards.

Take care احتیاط کرنا Take care lest you should fall.
Take care of حفاظت / خیال کرنا Please take care of the baby.
12 CARPET Many national problems are on the carpet in Parliament.
On the carpet زیر بحث Don’t expect a Fovour from me, because I am not a captain of industry.

Cary all before one رکاوٹیں برداشت کرنا She carries all before him.
Carry away جوشیلا کرنا Mr. Jinnah carried away the Muslims of India.
Carry off موت کی وجہ بننا Heart trouble carried off my brother.
Carry on جاری رکھنا Who is carrying on your business? How do you carry on these days?
Carry one’s point اعتراض ختم کرنا The minister knows how to carry his point.
Carry out پورا کرنا He carried out the plan of his life.
Carry the day کامیاب ہونا It is not easy to carry day in elections.
Carry too far حد سے بڑھنا Don’t carry quarrels too far.
Carry Through مشکل میں ساتھ دینا Stamina will carry you through all obstacles.
Carry up اونچی منزلیں بنانا They intend to carry up skyscrapers in Karachi.
Carry weight اثر کرنا My advice carries no weight with the Prime Minister.
Put the cart before the horse قانون فطرت کے مخالف چلنا Don’t try to teach your father, son. That is putting cart before the horse.
Carte blanche عمل کی آزادی Do not give too much carte blanche to your subordinates.
Carte de visite کارڈ پر چپکا ہوا چھوٹا پورٹریٹ Carte de visite is not common now-a-days.

In any case ہر قیمت پر I will fight for my right in any case.
In case بالفرض Call me in case you need my help.
Go slow, in case you fall.
In case to صحیح حالت He is in case to go home.
Make Out One’s case کسی پوزیشن کے لئے وجہ بننا The advocate made out a good case for the client.
Put the case مثال کے طور How revolutions are born?
Let us take the case of Quit India Movement.

In cash پیسے والا I am in cash now-a-days.
Out of cash پیسے کے بغیر I was out of cash yesterday.
hard cash موجود پیسہ How much hard cash do you have?

Cast a horoscope زائچہ بنانا The pundits have cast my horoscope in vain.
Cast abut نظر دوڑانا I am casting about for some money to tide over the emergency.
Cast anchor بادبان ڈالنا The ship cast anchor in Karachi.
Cast an eye دیکھنا Don’t cast an eye on beauties.
Cast a spell on سحر کرنا Asad cast a spell on the listeners.
Cast a vote ووٹ دینا Whom are you casting your vote for?
Cast back واپس موڑنا A second revolution will cast back our history since 1947.
Cast down اداس Why are you feeling cast down?
Cast lots لاٹری نکالنا Lots are cast by the Lahore Development Authority for allotment of houses.
Cast off ٹھکرائے ہوئے Shahid is wearing cast off clothes.
To castaglance at دیکھنا The whole college cast a glance at Sumaira.
Cast away ضائع کرنا I cannot afford to cast away any more money.

Carve out اپنی محنت سے حاصل کرنا You must carve Out a nice career.
Cut and curve بہتر کرنا You must cut and carve your style.

Bell the cat نا ممکن کام Everybody wants to remove a tyrant but nobody is willing to bell the cat.
Catted and fished محفوظ After marriage a girl is catted and fished.
Enough to make a cat laugh مزاحیہ Your statement is enough to make a cat laugh.
Rain cats and dogs زور کی بارش It is raining cats and clogs outside.
Room to swing a cat تھوڑی جگہ There is not room enough to swing a cat in my house.
See which way the cat jumps اونٹ کر کروٹ بیٹھتا ہے Let us see which way the cat jumps in this matter.
Cat and dog life لڑائی جھگڑا والی All these four years, I had been living a cat and dog life with my wife.
To let the cat out of the bag بھانڈا پھوڑنا Women generally let the cat out of the bag.
Cat’s paw کسی کا آلہ کار ہونا One cannot be successful for long working on cat’s paw.

Catch at جھپٹنا The cat caught at the rat.
Catch fire آگ پکڑنا Petroleum soon catches fire.
Catch hold of دبوچنا The constable caught hold of the thief.
Catch on سمجھنا Loose pant bottoms have catch on for boys.
Catch out غلطی کرنا The accountant was caught out.
Catch sight of دیکھنا I could not catch sight of my friend in crowd.
Catch up پیچھے چھوڑنا The car will catch up the cart.
To catch one’s breath اچانک پکڑنا چیک کرنا When the candidate was copying, the examiner caught his breath.

First cause بنیادی وجہ I spend most of my time in contemplating on the first cause of the universe.
The final cause مقصد Nobody knows the first or the final cause of why we are born and why we die.
Formal cause کسی چیز کی وجہ What is the bosic cause of your formal invitation?.
Hour of cause کوشش کا وقت Death is the highest hour of cause.
Make common cause with مقصد کے لئےاکھٹے ہونا The GDA had made a common cause with the Muslim League.
Material cause حادثے کی وجہ What is the martial cause of Ali murder? Nobody yet knows.
Show cause وجہ When he filed a case, he was asked to show cause.

Cave in پھسلنا When the mine caved in many labourers died.
A lady of a certain age عمر رسیدہ لیکن مناسب A lady of a certain age dined with me last night.
In a certain condition حاملہ When I met her, she was in a certain condition.

By a long chalk بہت زیادہ فاصلہ You cannot catch me by a long chalk.
Chalk out ٹریس I will chalk Out your career.
Not to know chalk from cheese کچھ علم نہ ہونا{معاملہ کا} So far as science is concerned, I do not know chalk from cheese.

Chance upon اتفاق سے ملنا How did you chance upon my address?
By chance اتفاقا I met by chance on the road.
Even chance امکان ہونا You have even chance of getting into CSS.
Stand a good chance اچھ امید You stand a good chance of winning the prize.
Take one’s chance رسک لینا When you are in trouble, you have to take a chance to get out of it.
To main chance بڑا مقصد Election is the main chance of politician.
An eye to the main chance اپنا فائدہ سوچنا A modern man never forgets to keep an eye to the main chance.

Change colour پھیکا پڑنا، شرمانا When you talk of marriage, the girl changes colour.
Change oneself کپڑے بدلنا Change yourself quickly for marriage.
Change one’s mind رائے بدلنا ارادہ بدلنا Strong men do not change their mind easily.
Change one’s tune خوشی سے غم میں بدلنا When there is a grief in the family, your expressions have to change your tune.
Put the change on بھگانا Please do not try to put the change on me.
Small change سکے Can you give me small change for a thousand rupee.

to the end of the chapter مکمل I will be true to my principles to the end of the chapter.

Give in charge پولیس کے حوالے کرنا He wants to give you in charge.

Wild goose chase تلاش Life today is a wild goose chase.

Cheap and nasty گھٹیا اور گندہ The birthday card she sent me was cheap and nasty.
Cheap jack سستا سامان The days of cheap jacks are over.
Dirt cheap مضحکہ خیز حد تک گھٹیا Nothing is dirt cheap now-a-days.
Feel cheap بے عزتی محسوس کرنا I feel cheap in this matter.
On the cheap سستی کم قیمت پر If you are in police, you can get everything on the cheap.

To put a cheat upon دھوکا دینا You cannot put a cheat upon a man of God.

To keep in check قابو میں رکھنا Keep your children in check.

Cheek by jowl پہلو بہ پہلو The lovers walked cheek by jowl.

Cheer up خوشی ہونا Cheer up! For your life is not long.

Chef Oeuvre شاہکار This book is going to be my chef Oeuvre.
Chew the rag, the fat مسئلے پر بحث کرتے رہنا Please stop chewing the rag. Let us take dinner and go to bed now.

Chicken-hearted بزدل Danish is a chicken-hearted fellow.

Child’s play آسان CSS examination is not a Childs play.
From a child بچپن سے I know you from a child.
Second childhood بڑھاپے کا بچپن Can’t forget that we in old age pass through second childhood.
With child حاملہ The woman is with child.
Child wife چھوٹی عمر کی بیوی Nadeem was married to a child wife.

Take the chill off ہلکا گرم کرنا Take the chill off the water, please.

Chip of the old block باپ جیسا Your son is a chip of the old block.
Chip of one’s shoulders چیلنج والا Minister ship is a chip in your shoulders.
Chitty-faced بچوں جیسا Remember that chitty- faced girl.

For choice ترجیح I am an author for choice.
Make choice of چننا Make choice of the book you want.
Take one’s choice اپنی خواہش حاصل کرنا You can take your chouce here.

Choke down کچلنا You cannot choke down people’s difficulties.
Choke off چھٹکارا پانا You cannot choke off rising prices through punitive action.
Choke up بھرا ہونا Her heart was choked up with sorrow.

Cannot choose متبادل ہونا Beggars cannot choose.
Not much to choose between اچھا یا برا برابر ہونا There is not much to choose between unemployment and cheap employment.
Pick and choose بہت احتیاط سے چلنا You cannot pick and choose your destiny.

Chop in مداخلت Please don’t chop in when I am talking.
Chop up چھوٹے ٹکڑے کرنا Please chop up these vegetables.
Chop and change خریدنا و بیچنا Every successful man passes through chop and change before he comes to his own.

Chuck it روکنا Please chuck it talking and do something.
Chuck up ہمت ہارنا When tou face a stronger for, chuck up.
To give one the chuck معطل کرنا The manager gave the peon the chock.

Cinderella dance آدھی رات کو ختم ہونے والی ڈانس پارٹی Let us have Cinderella dance in the moonlight.
Vicious circle شیطانی چکر Money is an evil and yet one cannot live without money. It is all a vicious circle.

Eternal city روم Karachi is as well an eternal city as Lahore.

lap- trap واہ واہ حاصل کرنے کا طریقہ Politics is a clap-trap.
Clap eyes on نظر پڑنا He clapped his eye on the girls.
Clap hands معاہدہ کرنا Anwar and Saqib have clapped hands.
Clap hold on سختی سے پکڑنا The constable clapped hold on the ruffians.
Clap up اچانک نتیجہ نکالنا Quaid clapped up.
Clap on the back ہمت بندھانا When Qasim passed his matric examination, his father clapped him on the back.

Clean hands جرم وغیرہ سے پاک No rich man has clean hands these days.
Clean slate آغاز کرنا Write your life on a clean slate from tomorrow.
Come clean غلطی ماننا She came clean in court and was Stuck.
To make a clean breast of فراخدلی سے اعتراف کرنا I am ready to make a clean breast of my mistake.

Clear off چھٹکارا پانا Clear off stolen property.
Clear out خالی، چھٹکارا Clear out bad characters.
Clear the air صورت حال کو بہتر بنا کر ٹینشن ختم کرنا The lB must clear the air about the bomb explosion incident.
Clear the way رستہ کھولنا Clear the way for the Royal procession.
Clear tip صاف ہونا/کرنا Please clear up the mystery of the murder.

Clish-clash گپ شپ Please stop this dish-clash and let us talk factually.

Clock in آنے کا وقت {رجسٹرڈ} The employees are expected to clock in.
Clock out جانے کا وقت {رجسٹرڈ} Please clock out when you leave office.
Like clock work مسلسل He takes his exercise like clock work.

Close call بال بال بچنا The brother of Ahmad had a close call.
Close a bargain انتظام کرنا He closed a bargain on this matter.
Close down جمود پر آنا The trade unions closed down the factories.
Close shop ایسی جگہ جہاں ایک فرقے سے تعلق رکھنے والے رہیں یا نوکری کریں Many Christian houses are a close shop.
All Parsi institutions are a closed shop.
Close in upon گھیرنا اور گرفتار کرنا The policemen closed in upon the gang of shoplifters.
Close with رہنمائی I will close with you for sale of your goods.
With closed doors جب پرائیوٹ لوگوں کا داخلہ ممنوع ہو Officer was holding a meeting with closed doors.

Clothe in words لفظوں میں اظہار I cannot clothe my gratitude in words.
To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth چادر کے مطابق پاؤں پھیلانا Wise is one who cuts his coat according to his cloth.

Under a cloud مصیبت میں Mr. Sadiq was long under a cloud.
In the clouds تصورات میں He lost his career in the clouds.
Cloud on one’s brow پریشان ہونا He could not easily see a cloud on Ali’s brow.
Cloud-castle دن کا خواب Haris passes her time in cloud-castle.
Live in clover عیش میں زندگی گزارنا The rich live in clover.

Blow the coals ابھارنا Please do not blow the coals in the meeting.
Carry coal to Newcastle ایسی چیز لینا جو کثرت میں ہو To bring Yoga from the West to the East is like carrying coal to Newcastle.
Heap coals of fire on the head برائی کا بدلہ اچھائی سے دینا Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) heaped coals of fire on the head of the non-believers who teased him.

The coast is clear رستے میں کوئی رکاوٹ نہیں The army was ordered to proceed as the coast was clear.

Turn coat ابن الوقت A person in the habit of turning coat never succeeds in life.

Knock into a cocked hat ظاہر شکست The thief was knocked into a cocked hat.
Cocky cow ڈیری فارمر Milk Pak Milk Scheme is our cocky cow.
A cock and bull story ناقابل یقین We are not going to work on your cock and bull story.
To live like a fighting cock اچھی خوراک پر رہنا The whole family is living like a fighting cock now-a-days.
That cock won’t fight یہ منصوبہ نہیں چلے گا That cock of yours will not fight.

Drive a nail in ones coffin تابوت میں کیل لگانا Doctor’s injection drove a nail in the patient’s coffin.

Coin money تیزی سے پیسہ بنانا A trader is always coining money.
Pay a man in his own coin ادلے کا بدلہ While I wait and see, I let God pay my enemies in their own coin.

Cold-blooded بہ حس It was a cold-blooded murder at Dublin.
To catch cold سردی لگنا Every body is likely to catch cold in winter.
To bive the cold shoulder to بے عزتی کرنا The boss gave cold shoulder to his employees.
In cold blood دانستہ The man was murdered in cold blood.
Leave one cold متاثر کرنے میں ناکام The actor’s performance left us cold.
Leave out in the cold نظر انداز Don’t leave your friends in the cold.
Throw cold water on ہمت توڑنا Do not throw cold water on youthful ambitions.
To have cold feet لڑائی نہ کرنا The general had cold feet in the last war.
Cold comfort بدمزہ The whole day was a cold comfort.

Fifth columnist جو ملک کے مفاد کے خلاف کام کرے There are many fifth-columnists in every country of the world.

Come off with flying colours فتح حاصل کرنا Pakistan Test team came off with flying colour.
Come out in one’s true colours اصل کردار دکھانا When a man loses temper, he comes out in his true colours.
Fear no colours خوف نہ ہونا I tear no colours except God.
Give colour دلچسپ بنانا You must give colour to your story.
High colour رنگ کالا ہونا She bears high colour.
Join the colour بھرتی ہونا Major Mustaq joined the colours in 1939.
Lose colour اچھی شکل کھونا I wish you will never lose your colour.
Off colour مرجھایا/بیمار The boss is quite often off colour.

Come about واقعہ ہونا Great things have come about since independence.
Come across ملنا I came across an old friend in the bazar.
Come and go عمل کی آزادی Every body enjoys to come and go in our house.
Come at پہنچایا Newton came at the Law of Gravitation.
Come back شہرت واپس ملنا Nadir has indeed come back.
Come by حاصل کرنا He came by a big job through his friend.
Come down اترنا When are you coming down the ivory tower into the rose garden?
Come down with تنخواہ ملنا He came down with full payment.
Come high مہنگی Food comes high now-a-days.
Come low سستی Even death is not coming low these days.
Come in داخل ہونا Please come in.
Come in for حصہ لینا He came in for large property.
Come of متعلق ہونا He comes of a respectable family.
Come of age بالغ ہونا The youth has come of age and demands voting rights.
Come off بچنا He could not come off the death trap.
Come out چھپنا No newspaper came out today.
Come out with کہنا The murderer came out with truth.
Come round دوران واقعہ ہونا Great events come round in the year.
Come short ناکام He came short of success.
Come short of حاصل کرنے میں ناکام He came short of his mission.
Come to grief پریشان ہونا Men driven by curiosity often come to grief.
Come to oneself صحیح ذہنی حالت میں آنا A drunkard takes time to come to himself.
Come to pass واقعہ Great things have come to pass since 1974.
Come to stay مستقل ہونا Inflation has come to stay.
Come true سچ ثابت ہونا May tour mother’s prayer come true.
Come upon حملہ کرنا Babar came upon the enemy with full force.
Come up with پکڑنا The police came up with the robbers.
To Come to blows لڑنا After their heated discussion, leaders of both the groups came to blows.
To Come to light منکشف ہونا Many things have come to light now.
To come down with پیسے دینا Wait, I will come down with ten rupees.
To come up to پہنچنا The train has come up to the outer signal.
To come to a standstill رکنا The train has come to a standstill.

Cold comfort تھوڑا سا The death of Nasir has given only cold comfort to the Opposition.
Comfort station باتھ روم There is no comfort station in this street.

Command me to یاد کرنا/سلام پہنچانا Please command me to the president.
Commit to memory دل سے سیکھنا In ancient times all knowledge was committed to memory.
Common people زیادہ تعداد میں {عام لوگ} Abraham Lincoln said, “God must have loved the common people because He made so many of them.”

Keep company منسلک ہونا Keep company with the good only.
Know a man by his company ساتھیوں سے پہچانے جانا You can know Dr. Ahmad by his company.

Beyond compare مخالف کے بغیر Mrs. Bhutto is beyond compare to-day, having pulled down all the giants round her.

Compliment of the season وقت کے مطابق ریمارک Please do not send me your compliments of the season. I take them granted.
Left-handed compliment طنزیہ ریمارک Thanks even for your left-handed compliment.
Pay or present one’s compliments سلام لکھنا Pay my compliments to your friend.

Pros and cons اونچ نیچ You must study the pros and cons of the shole situation.

In all conscience یقینا In all conscience I will, get first class in the examination.

Age of consent والدین کی اجاز کے بغیر شادی کی عمر Tariq has reached the age of consent.

In consequence یقینا He died in consequence of a car accident.

To be in contact with تعلق ہونا We were in contact with Babar till we were at Karachi.

To hold in contempt نفرت He is held in contempt by his colleagues.
Contempt of Court توہین عدالت The Minister of state was found guilty of contempt of court.

Contend against جھگڑا You cannot contend against destiny.

In contrary to خلاف He spoke in contrary to the ruling party.
On the contrary دوسری طرف/ساتھ ساتھ Qaesar is not a rich man. On the contrary, he is a poor villager.
To the contrary متضاد The result was to the contrary.

Cook one’s goose قتل کرنا Don’t cook your friend’s goose.

Cool one’s heels انتظار کرنا He has to cool his heels in the ministerial office.

Copy-cat نقل کرنا It is the age of copy-cats.

Turn the corner درمیانی راہ لینا Pakistan must turn the corner these days in foreign affairs.
To put in the corner سزا دینا The baby was put in the corner by his father.
All the corners of the earth ہر جگہ We have searched all the corners of the earth but have not been able to find Nasir anywhere.
With the four corners of چار دیواری میں Women must live within the four corners of the house.

At the cost of دوسرے کے خرچے پر You cannot succeed at the cost of others.
To count the COST رسک کے متعلق سوچنا Please count the cost of working Of this plan.

To count upon انحصار How long can one count upon one’s Parents?

Go to the country قوم سے درخواست {الیکشن کے دوران} Ministers might go to the country.

Pluck up courage ہمت کرنا You must pluck up courage to face dangers.
Dutch courage شراب پینے کے بعد طاقت دکھانا Qamar showed Dutch courage by pulling out a knife unnecessarily.

Out of court عدالت کے بغیر They decided the matter out of Court.

Crack a bottle بوتل پینا Sana can crack a bottle.
Crack a joke مذاق Please do not crack a joke with me.
Crack a crib عمارت میں نقب لگانا The rioters crack a crib.
Crack credit قرض معاف کروانا Sadiq has cracked his credit.
Crack up ناکام ہونا The whole plan cracked up for want of money.
In a crack ایک لمحہ میں I shall be there in a crack.

From the cradle پیدائش سے He is good from the cradle.

Craven شکست ماننا They cried craven and went down.

Cream of the society امراء The cream of the society was present in the marriage.

Creature comforts مادی سہولیات Men are dying for creature comforts.

Criss-cross بار بار آنا A dream has criss-crossed me.

To crop up غیر متوقع واقعہ Since he has declined to study further, the problem of finding a job for him has cropped up now.

Come a cropper گرنا/ناکام ہونا The ruling party will one day come a cropper.

Cross one’s mind ذہن میں آنا It crossed my mind to see you.
Cross one’ palm سکہ ہتھیلی پر رکھنا If you want anything done, you must cross the authority’s palm.
Cross one’s path رستے میں آنا As she crossed my path, I won her.

As the crow flies سیدھی سیدھ میں My house is from here as the crow flies.
Eat crow نا پسندیدہ کام پر مجبور کرنا The principal has forced many students to eat the crow.

Crown of the cuaseway عملی کے درمیان میں My shop is crown of the causeway.

A far cry کافی فاصلہ Truth in India is a far cry.
Cry against احتجاج You must cry against corruption.
Cry down رد کرنا You must not cry down what you cannot live without.
Cry off معاہدے سے پھرنا/نکالنا The CPI will cry off from the Congress.
Cry out حمل کے دوران The lady is crying out.
Cry over spilt milk بعد میں پچھتانا There is no use crying over spilt milk.
Cry quits برابرا قرار دینا Let us cry quits.
Cry up تعریف People cry up the rising quits.
Cry your mercy معافی چاہنا I beg your pardon.
Hue and cry شور There is much hue and cry in the market.
Within cry of تھوڑے فاصلے پر He lives within cry of my house.

Crystal clear بالکل The policies of Mrs. Bhutto are crystal clear to everybody.

Cool as cucumber پرسکون It is best to be cool as cucumber in a time of trouble.

Crush a cup کپ کا خالی کرنا Come, crush a cup.

To walk upon crutches دوسروں پر انحصار کرنا You cannot walk always on crutches.

Cry cupboard روئے کےلئے رونا The children cry cupboard.
In one’s cups نشے کی حالت میں I found him in his cups.

Curlie-wurlie زبر دست گول زیورات Some ladies are found of curlie-wurlie.

To curry favour چاپلوسی Clerks generally try to curry favour with their officers.

Behind the curtain پردے کے پیچھے Most of our leaders live behind the curtain.

Cut above خصوصیت کے لحاظ اچھا ہونا Mild is a Cut above any other drink.
Cut and come again کھلی فراہمی There is no cut and come again of water in our city.
Cut and dried بنی بنائی She delivered a cut-and-dried food.
Cut and run تیزی سے بھاگ جانا Please cut and run to your office.
Cut dead پہچاننے سے انکار When she talked to him, he cut her dead.
Cut in مداخلت Please don’t cut in when I am talking.
Cut it out چھوڑنا If you have no time to attend a party, cut it out.
Cut it too fat بحث زیادہ کرنا When you have to flatter somebody, don’t cut it too fat.
Cut off with shilling کچھ نہیں/ خالی His father cut him off with a shilling.
Cut one’s losses نقصان کم کرنا A good trader must cut his losses.
Cut one’s stick رخصتی It is time to cut our stick.
Cut out for مناسب He is cut out for a minister.
Cut short کم کرنا You must cut short your speech.
Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth چادر کے مطابق پاؤں پھیلانا You must cut your coat according to your cloth.
To cut down کم کرنا In the interest of the country the Government must cut down its expenditure on defence.
To cut to the heart احساس مجروح کرنا By saying that he is thief, he cut him to the heart.

Cyclops ایک آنکھ والا بلا Every materialist is a kind of Cyclops.

Lay the cynic ہر چیز پر تنقید For god’s sake don’t play the cynic.

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