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CPU and its different units - Education Impression

CPU and its different units


CPU and its different units Points : cpu and its different units, central processing unit (cpu), ? arithmetic and logic unit (alu), centro unit (cu), memory unit (mu), Central Processing Unit (CPU) Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of computer system. We use CPU to control all input and output connections inside arid outside of computer to produce correct answers for the user. it controls and supervises all the units in a computer. It takes information from the input unit and from the memory and uses it according to the instructions already given to the computer. From functional point of view CPU consists of three parts.

Arithmetic arid Logic Unit (ALU)
Control Unit (CU) * Memory Unit (MU) Arithmetic And Logic Unit (ALU) The ALU in any microprocessor, which provides calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also perform logical operations like comparing two numbers to see which number is greater than, less than or equal to another number. The ALU performs millions of calculations and comparisons at a very high speed. Centro Unit (CU) The control unit acts like a traffic police man controlling the movement of vehicles on the road. The control unit directs and coordinates the entire computer system. Its function involve controlling the input/output units and the arithmetical/logical operation of the CPU, and transferring data to and form storage, within given design limits. The unit directs the system according to the procedure designed by its human operators and programmers. Memory Unit (MU) Memory unit is the place where the computer program and data are stored during processing. It is the area, through which all the data which is input into or output of the CPU must pass. It is monitored by CU which keeps track of every thing in the storage. It is a random access device, which consists of thousands upon thousands of storage locations, each of which can be directly reached by the CU. Each storage location is distinguished by the address.

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