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Define Scanner and its types - Education Impression

Define Scanner and its types


Define Scanner and its types Points : define scanner and its types, flat bed scanner, handy scanner, sheet-feed scanner Scanner A scanner converts graphic and pictorial data to digital (binary) from which can be directly feed and stored in computer. The scanners are capable of digitizing not only shape and size of drawings but also varying intensities on a gray-to-black. They are used to scan more complex pictures and photographs. Now a days color scanner are also available.
There are three types of scanners.
Flat bed Scanner
Handy Scanner
Sheet-Feed Scanner Flat Bed Scanner:In case of a flatbed scanner, the drawing is fixed over a rectangular flatbed table. A mechanism is now moved over the surface of drawing which scans it and produces signals for the computer. Handy Scanner:The handy scanner is very small in size. The picture is placed on a flat surface and the scanner is moved downward by hand onto that picture to start scanning. Sheet-Feed Scanner:A scanner that feeds each sheet of paper across a lion-moving scan head; this is different from the flatbed scanner in which the paper is laid on a sheet of glass and the scan head moves.

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