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Define the following terms


Define the following terms Points : define the following terms, memory word, memory address, mhz, mips, memory access time, flops, cycle time, viruses of the computer i. Memory Word
ii. Memory Address
iii. MHz
iv. MIPS
v. Memory Access Time
vii. Cycle Time
viii. Viruses of the computer i. Memory Word:Memory word is defined as the number of bits or byte that is microprocessor can manipulate as a unit. The length of a word varies by computer. It depends upon the data bus capacity of a computer. ii. Memory Address:Memory addresses is the location or address by which the data is located or addressed (accessed). iii. MHz:Mega Hertz (MHZ) is a unit in which clock speed of a computer is measured, which indicates how fast a computer process information, usually 1MHZ = 1 millions cycles per second iv. MIPS:MIPS stands for Million of Instruction Per Second. it is the unit in which the processing speed of a computer is expressed i.e. how many instructions per second a computer can process. v. Memory Access Time:The time a computer processor take to fetch and access the data from a memory. vi. FLOPS:FLOPS stands for Floating Point Operation Per Second. It is used to measure the speed of super computer. vii. Cycle Time:The time which is given by operating system, to perform a different job, is called a Cycle Time. viii. Viruses of The Computer:A computer virus is a program that infect other programs by modifying them. A virus can do anything that other programs do but the difference is that it attaches itself to another program and execute secretly.

It can be removed by anti – virus programs and avoided by handling the disk carefully. The virus during its life time has the following four phases.
A dormant phase
A propagation phase
The Triggering phase
The execution phase

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