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Distinguish between (Computer and Calculator), (Microprocessor and Micro Computer) and (Second Generation and Third Generation of computer) - Education Impression

Distinguish between (Computer and Calculator), (Microprocessor and Micro Computer) and (Second Generation and Third Generation of computer)

Distinguish between the followinga. Computer and Calculator
b. Microprocessor and Micro Computer
c. Second Generation and Third Generation of computer
Points : difference between computer and calculator, difference between microprocessor and micro computer, difference between second generation and third generation of computer

Difference between Computer and Calculator
1. Computer can accept and operate alphabetic data. Calculator can not accept alphabetic data.
2. Computer has large memory for storing programs and data. Calculator has small memory.
3. Computer has internal storage. It has very small internal storages as compared to computer.
4. It has predefined instruction called Programmed. It his not predefined instruction like a programmed.
5. It performs numeric, arithmetic and logical operations. It performs only numeric and arithmetic calculation.
Difference between Microprocessor and Micro Computer
Micro Computer
1. A central processing unit or processor on chip is called a Micro processor or microchip. A micro computer is a machine that can accept input data process it and gives output.
2. Micro processor is a part of micro computer. Micro computer is not a part of micro processor.
3. Micro processor usually includes control unit, arithmetic and logic unit, registers and a clock. Micro computer has three basic units Input unit, Central processing Unit and Output Unit.
Difference between Second Generation and Third Generation of computer
Second Generation
Third Generation
1. Transistor were used as internal component. They used Integrated Circuit (I.C) and Large Scale integration (LSI).
2. The size of computer was smaller than 1st generation called as mini computer. They were smaller in size and called as Micro computer.
3. They were 10 times faster than first Generation computers. They could perform calculations.
4. Main memory was in the form of RAM and ROM. Main memory was increased in the form of PROM and DRAM.
5. Magnetic tape were used. Magnetic disks were developed.
6. Assembly Language was used. High level language was used.

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