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Function of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Computer) - Education Impression

Function of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Computer)


Function of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit in Computer) Points : function of alu (arithmetic logic unit in computer) The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): When the control unit encounters and instruction that involves arithmetic or logic operations, it passes control to the second component of CPU, the arithmetic/Logic unit (ALU). Arithmetic operations are as you might except, the fundamental math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Logical operations consist of comparisons i.e. two pieces of data are compared to see whether one is equal to (=), less than (<), or greater than (>) the other. They are also used combinations, such as “greater than or equal to”.

The ALU also uses specialized storage areas called register in which data is held while operations are performed on it.

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