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'H' idioms and phrases with urdu meaning - Education Impression

‘H’ idioms and phrases with urdu meaning

Idioms and Phrases beginning with ‘H’

Idioms and Phrases With Urdu Meaning

Habit of mind ذہنی اختراع Something or the other is always a habit of mind in every human being.
To get into a habit عادی ہو جانا His hobby of drinking has resulted in getting into a habit.
Within hail اتنا نزدیک کہ جسے بلایا جا سکے He is standing within a hail distance.
Lose one’s hair ناراض ہوجانا If someone cracks a joke, don’t lose your hair.
Make one’s hair stand on end بہت حیرانگی یا ڈر ظاہر کرنا The murder of his lieutenant made his hair stand on end.
Not to turn a hair پریشان نہ ہونا He did not turn a hair when his friend died.
Put up the halt بال بنانا Maidens p1st up their hair.
To a hair بال بال بچنا He resembled his father to a hair.
To the turn of a hair She copied her exercised to the turn of a hair.
To get a person by the short hair کسی پر پورا کنٹرول ہونا Parents should get children by the short hair.
Half-and-half دو برابر چیزوں کا آمیزہ This liquor is beer and brandy half-and-half.
Go halves برابر برابر حصہ کرنا Let us go halves before we divide the shop.
Halfhearted بے ہمت Half-hearted efforts are never successful.
Half backed نا تجربہ کار Many labourers of our factory are doing things by halves.
To meet half-way سمجھوتہ کرنا The only solution to their difference is that they should meet half-way.
Bachelor shall ایسی جگہ جہاں بیوی کا اثر نہ ہو He prefers to live in the bachelor’s hall rather than in his house.
Liberty hail یسی جگہ جہاں ہر کوئی اپنی مرضی کر سکے Bachelor’s hall is a liberty hall.
Hallmark اہم مستقبل Today’s statement of the Prime Minister is a hallmark of the government’s policy.
Bring the hammer نیلامی کرنا The shop was brought to the hammer.
To hammer an idea into one’s head سمجھانا It is very difficult to hammer an idea into Hamayun’s head.
At any hand کسی بھی صورت We shall meet tomorrow at any hand.
In an hand کسی صورت میں Prices must not be allowed to rise in any hand.
At first hand پہلی دفعہ I know the story at first hand.
At hand قریب I keep the bookshelf at hand.
Bear a hand حصہ لینا، مدد کرنا Will you bear me a hand in this enterprise?
By hand ہاتھوں کے ذریعے This painting was made by hand.
By the strong hand طاقت سے You can get something done only by the strong hand.
Change hands مالک بدل جانا This shop has changed hands man times.
Come to hand وصول ہونا A wonderful book had come to my hand.
Come to one’s hand آسانی سے حاصل ہو جانا Fortune has come to my hand.
Good hands قابل بھروسہ وسیلہ The girl is in good hands.
Hand and foot بھرپور توجہ سے You can achieve your objective hand and foot.
Hand and glove دو گہرے تعلقات Tahir and Sohail are hand and glove.
Hand it to one کسی کی برتری تسلیم کرنا I do really hand it to you.
Hands down نہایت آسانی سے They won the match hands down.
In hand I have five rupees in hand.
Lay hands on حاصل کرنا I cannot lay my hands on the book I want.
Lend a hand مدد کرنا Please lend me a hand in this enterprise.
Old hand تجربہ کار آدمی There are many old hands in politics.
Young hand تجربہ کار نوجوان It is not for young hands to meddle with politics.
On all hands ہر طرف There is corruption on all hands.
On my hand کسی کی ذمہ داری I have too many task on my hands.
Out of hand فوراً Please pay out of hand.
Poor hand غیر ماہر شخص I am a poor hand at mathematics.
Set one’s hand to مشغول Do your best whatever you see your hand to.
Show of hands ہاتھ اٹھا کر رائے کا اظہار کرنا The matter was decided by a show of hands.
Strike hands معائدہ کرنا Let yourself strike hands in this bargain.
Take in hand سنبھال لینا Please take in hand the education of my boy.
To one’s hand جلدی میں You will find him to your hand for work.
Wash one’s hands of ذمہ داری سے دستبردار ہونا We have washed our hands of T.V. trouble shooters.
From hand to mouth غربت With this small income we are living from hand to mouth now-a-days.
To take in hand سنبھال لینا It is high time, that you should take in hand the responsibility of your parents.
Off hand فوراً I cannot give any decision off hand. I must have some time to think over the problem.
To have clean hands ایماندار ہونا You cannot have clean hands in any government office.
From good hands قابل بھروسہ وسیلہ We have come to know from good hands that a few posts of clerks are king vacant under your kind control.
Come to hand وصول کرنا All the members of my family came to hand at the railway station this mooning.
Hand to hand ہاتھوں ہاتھ لینا The new military camps are going to be hand to hand.
Throw the handkerchief بلانا The king threw the handkerchief among the ladies of the harem.
To feel handsome اچھا محسوس کرنا The patient is feeling handsome.
Know a handsome or two تجرنہ کار ہونا I know a handsome or two of government jobs.
Hang on چمٹنا ، لمبا کرنا، انتظار کرنا The boy hung on the girl the whole day.
Hang one’s head شرمندہ ہونا After a convincing defeat the cricketers hung their heads.
Hang out نمائش کرنا، ظاہر کرنا They hung Out their nameplates.
Hang together متحد کرنا If you do not hang weather, you will hang separately.
Hang up معطل کرنا، طویل کرنا They hanged up final decision for two months.
Hang over one’s head خطرہ میں ہونا The whole country is hanging over his head owing to increased cost of living.
To hang heavy بوجھ اٹھانا The new job is hanging heavy on my head.
Harbour refuge جنت پناہ گاہ A true yogi is a harbour of refuge for distressed souls.
Hard of hearing بالکل بہرہ Old folk are hard of hearing.
Hard facts ناقابل انکار حقائق Hard facts about Pakistan cannot be ignored.
Hold words گالی دینا، مشکل الفاظ Call him no hard words.
Hold hard رکنا Please hold hard until I return.
Hold nut to crack مشکل مسئلہ How to increase good production in our count is a hard nut to crack.
Hard and fast سخت There is no hard and fast rule in becoming a member of the I.T. Union.
Hard up مطلوب I am hard up of money now-a-days.
Hard-hearted ظالم The army has got to be hard hearted.
Hard-headed صاف اور واضح Our manager is a hard—headed man.
To die in harness کام کرتے ہوئے مرنا The leaders who die in harness are worshipped till ages.
Settle a person’s hash خاتمہ کرنا I can settle a hash of my friend only when he is willing to act on my advice.
14 HAT
A bad hat بالکل پاگل The child is a bad hat.
Mad as a hatter The youngster was mad as a I hatter.
My hat حیرانگی کا اظہار You want to buy this house? My hat.
Talk though the hat مسلسل بولے جانا Please stop talking through your hat
Under one’s hat راز میں I can tell you under niv ha that I am going abroad next summer.
To bury the hatchet جھگڑا ختم کرنا Will both of you bury the hatchet and compromise?.
To throw the hatchet مبالغہ آرائی Many women are in the habit of throwing the hatchet.
Have it حملہ Don’t have it at my friend.
Have it Out تیزی سے اظہار کرنا Let its have it out. Whatever you want to say have it out.
Have on پہننا Why are you not having on a coat today.
Have up عدالت میں جواب دہ ہونا Let us have him up before the judge.
Haves and have—nots امیر و غریب All haves and have nots sitting in this gathering are requested to contribute something for the Flood Fund.
Have away ختم کرنا Please have away your language from here.
Hawk-eyed دو اندیش The old man of this village is haw—eyed.
At all hazards تمام خطرات I am ready at all hazards to save the life of my wife.
Come to a head عروج پر پہنچنا When matters conic to a head, you must take a quick decision.
Go to one’s head کسی کے اچھے حالات خراب کرنا Money and power go quick to one’s head.
Have a head on ones shoulders قابلیت اور توازن ہونا You can face the world while you have a head on your shoulders.
Head and Shoulders بہت زیادہ He is involved in debt head and shoulders.
Head off راستے سے بھٹک جانا He headed off for his house from his office.
Iddp one’s head اپنے آپ پر قابو ہونا مخمل مزاج ہونا You must keep your head at all times.
Lose one’s head ضبط نفس کھو دینا You can never afford to lose your head.
Lay heads together مشورہ کرنا، گفتگو کرنا Let us lay our heads together for the good of country.
Offone’s head خود، دیوانہ If you want to get rich quickly, you are off your head.
Out of one’s head خود بخود He delivered the speech out of his head.
Over head and cars عرق You will meet him always over head and cars in the newspaper.
Show one’s head ظاہر ہونا The king must show his head to the people.
Take it into one’s head نظریہ چھپانا He took it into his head to form a society.
Turn ones head مفرور بنانا Let money and success not turn your head
cannot make a head or tail سمجھ نہ سکنے والا It is difficult to make a head or tail of the Prime Minister’s speech of to-day.
Good head وصف He is good-headed map.
Hot head جلد باز شخص A hot—head is always a loser in life.
From head to foot تمام بدن پر He is having pimples from head to foot.
At the head of خاص بڑا، نمایاں Who is at the head of this council?
To put something into someone’s head مشورہ دینا Many members of the club put something into the head of the leader to make Mr. Kashif their new Secretary.
Knock, strike all of a heap ناکام کرنا، نقصان پہنچانا The leader struck the enemies all of a heap.
After one’s heart کسی کی پسند کے مطابق The house was after m heart.
At heart حقیقی کردار میں At heart ever body is a great man.
Break one’s heart شدید تم کا باعث The death of Faisal broke my heart.
By heart زبانی Man students learn their books my heart.
Have at heart عزیز جاننا I have at heart the memory of my brother.
Have one’s heart in the mouth گھبرانا، خوف زدہ ہونا If you are looking for success, don’t have our heart in the mouth.
Heart and hand بہت محنت سے He devoted himself to his duty heart and hand.
Heart and soul بہت خلوص سے He served his teachers heart and soul.
Heart of hearts دل و جان سے I remember you with the heart of hearts.
heart of oak گہرا اثر لینا Napoleon had a heart of oak.
Take to heart بہادر I took his death to heart.
Set the heart upon گہرا اثر لینا It is not good to set your heart upon anything in the world.
Speak to the heart شدید خواہش کا اظہار کرنا This song speak to the heart.
wear one’s heart on one’s Sleeves جذبات کا کھلم کھلا اظہار کرنا If you are angry with our friend, do not wear your heart upon your sleeves.
Take heart بہادر بنو Take heart and do your duty in life.
With all ones heart بہت خوشی I am ready to help you with all my heart.
To have no heart کوئی جذبات نہ ہونا The old man of our Street has no heart for his children.
Heart to heart بے تکلف اور آزاد Let us have a heart—to—heart talk and finish the matter once for all.
Out of heart بہ ہمت It is but natural to be out of hearts when you fail in Some examination.
Break the heart غم سے مرجانا The man broke his heart for the misbehaviour of his family.
With all my heart بہت خوشی سے I apologise for my misbehaviour wih all my heart.
Turn on the heat وحشیانہ سلوک کرنا The police very often turn on the heat to extort confessions from offenders.
At a heat آسان سی کوشش میں You cannot succeed b working at a heat, take the help of our friends.
Heave in sight منظر آنا I sill be there to welcome you when you have in sight.
In the seventhe heaven بہت خوشی کی حالت میں After marriage a bride is in the seventh heaven.
Come to heel کتے کی طرح پیچھا Wherever a ‘minister goes, scophants come to heel.
Heels over head الٹا I Few men can escape death after falling heels over head from heights.
Out of heels کسمپرسی کی حالت A man in economic difficulties is usually out of heels.
Tread on one’s heels پیچھے آنا When you have money, your friend come treading on their heels.
Under the heels قتل کر دینا، ختم کر دینا Hitler put many people under the heels.
Hell of noise شور شرابا The school student are making a hell of noise.
Help one self اپنی مدد آپ At a social dinner you are expected to help yourself.
More than one can help ضرورت سے زیادہ Rising prices are more than the poor can help.
28 HEN
Hen-hearted بزدل Hen-hearted have no place in army.
Here and there ادھر ادھر Good men are found here and there. Why are you wandering here and there?.
To play hide-and seek فریب دینا، دھوکہ دینا Never encourage the habit of playing hide-and-seek with our friends.
High and low امیر اور غریب اوپر نیچے ہر طرف High and low came to the meeting.
High and might ممتاز ، بلند مرتبہ India is ruled by the high and mighty.
High feather اعلیٰ ہمت The parrots fought for freedom in high feather.
High life فیشن ابیل معاشرے کی زندگی Keep away from high life.
High living پر تعش کھانا Middle classes can no longer afford high living.
High seas سمندر No nation has control over the high seas.
High spot نمایاں Bhangra is a high sopot of punjabi marriages.
High time عمل کا وقت It is high time that you should realise the responsibility.
High born اعلیٰ خاندان سے Dilawar is a high born boy.
32 HIT
A hit or a miss ایسی حالت جس میں کامیابی یا ناکامی دونوں ممکن ہو A young man’s career today is a hit or a miss.
Hard hit محبت یا کسی تکلیف سے متاثر When his mother died, the boy was hard hit.
Hit a bolt کمزوری A politician always hits a bolt in the opposition.
Hit out مکا مارنا The ruffians hit out time police.
Hit the nail on the head مطلوبہ مقصد In dealing with employs, Majid does not know how to hit the nail on the head.
Hit upon حاصل کرنا In the deep and dark loneliness of the night You often hit upon great ideas.
Hitch up شادی کرنا Napoleon hitched up Josiphine.
Hither and thither ادھر ادھر When I reached home I found all my things scattered hither and thither
Hodge podge کھچڑی، خراب Pakistan today is a hodge podge of economic and political currents.
Hold forth سامنے رکھنا، دکھانا عوام کے سامنے Few politicians can hold forth for truth now—a—days.
Hold hard رکنا He was ordered to hold hard talking nonsense
Hold in رکاوٹ Hold in your indignation. When somebody loses temper you must hold in.
Hold of عزت کرنا I hold of my visit with pleasure.
hold off دور رکھنا You must hold off evil company.
Hold one in hand کوئی فائدہ حاصل کرنا Mr. Vajpai can no longer hold President Clinton in hand.
Hold one’s own اپنی حیثیت قائم رہنا A man without money cannot long hold his own against s man with money.
Hold over ملتوی کرنا The meeting has been held over for tomorrow.
Hold together متحد رہنا We must hold together against the common foe.
Hold up ابھارنا، ساکت کر دینا، روکنا اور رکاوٹ He holding up forces of violence in the country.
To hold good لاگو ہونا A vehicle permit does not hold good everywhere in the country.
To hold out پیشکش کرنا There is nothing good in our stock which I can hold out to you.
A hole in one’s coat کسی کی عزت پر دھبہ Bad debts are a hole in one’s coat.
In holes سوراخوں سے بھرا ہوا Your shirt is all in holes.
Load in the hole مکھن میں پکا ہوا گوشت He is fond of toad in the hole.
To pick holes in غلطیاں نکالنا Will you please stop picking holes in the matter?.
Make holes in زیادہ رقم استعمال کرنا Women are in the habit of making holes in their husband’s pockets.
Bring home to ثابت کرنا I will bring this problem home to you
Long home قبر My brother has gone to the long home.
Make oneself at a home آرام دہ ہونا Please make yourself at home here.
At home in ماہر Rashid is at home in Mathematics.
At home آسان Please be at home.
To turn an honest penny ایمانداری سے روزی کمانا His father turned an honest penny throughout his life.
Do the honours سب کی طرح آداب بجا لانا Asia Restauram does the honours to even guest.
Last honours ماتمی رسوم We performed the last honours to my brother in June, 1997.
Word of honour ایسا وعدہ جو بے عزتی کے علاوہ توڑا نہ جا سکے I give you a work of honour to help you in your needs.
By hook or by Crook جائز اور ناجائز طریقے سے People today make money by hook or by crook.
Off the hooks خراب مردہ Everything is off the hooks in Pakistan today. Prohibition is off the hooks.
On one’s own hook اپنی ذمہ داری پر You can do any thing on your own hook.
Hope against hope نا امیدی کے باجود امید رکھنا We are all hoping against hope that one day Pakistan will be a land flowing with mild and hondy.
Horn in مداخلت کرنا، قطع کلام کرنا Please don’t horn in when I am speaking.
To take the bull by the horns بہادری سے مشکل کا سامنا کرنا One must possess the courage of taking the bull by the horns.
To blow one’s own horn شیخی بگھارنا Do something solid. No use blowing your own horn every now and then.
Put the cart before the horse قانون فطرت کے خلاف کام کرنا By laying more stress on military and less on meals we are putting the cart before the horse.
To Sork like a horse محنت کرنا If your want to get first position in our college, you will have to work like a horse.
Host in himself ماہر Quaid was a host in himself.
46 HOT
Hot air فضول باتیں Our plans of socialism are all hot air.
Hot stuff کوئی خطر ناک شے Strange men is hot stuff now-a-days.
Hot water مشکل حالت If you spend more than you earn, you will soon find yourself in hot water.
To blow hot and cold تردید کرنا، رد کرنا In today’s meeting the speaker was blowing hot and cold.
Hot and hot پکتے ہی پیش کرنا The service in Pearl Continental Hotel is worth appreciating you get things hot and hot.
Hotch-potch کھچڑی Life today is all hotch—potch.
At the eleventh hour آخری لمحے میں Nobody will come to our help at the eleventh hour.
In a good hour خوش قسمت ہونا Every body help you in a good hour.
In an evil hour بد قسمت ہونا Nobody stands by you in an evil hour.
Keep good hour جلدی سو جانا جلدی جاگ جانا Old people should keep good hours.
At all hours مقررہ وقت کے بغیر I return home at all hours.
keep a good house کھانے کی بہتات ہونا Rich men keep a good house.
Keep house ادارہ یا تنظیم چلانا She keeps house in Computer Mania.
Like a house on fire تیز رفتاری سے The news spread lide a house on fire.
To keep an open house تمام آنے والوں کو تفریح مہیا کرنا Any club is supposed to keep an open house.
House to house گھر گھر They moved house to house for collecting charity.
50 HOW
How and how یقیناً I shall meet you at the coffee house how and how.
The how and the why طریقہ اور وجہ Nobody knows the how and the why of the economic mess in which the world finds itself today.
51 HUE
Hue and cry شور وغل There is a great hue and cry about corruption now-a-days.
Humpty—dumpty چھوٹا اور موٹا Every successful leader is a humpty-dumpty in Pakistan today.
Hunt the letter تجنیس حرفی پر اثر ہونا Good poets do not hunt the letter.
Hunt up تلاش کرنا Hunt up one who can help you.
Hurry—scurry بے ترتیبی اور تیزی You can achieve no peace in hurry-scurry.
Hurry up جلدی کرنا Please hurry up lest you are late.
Hush up خاموش ہونا Please hush up.

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