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Keyboard and divisions of keyboard - Education Impression

Keyboard and divisions of keyboard

Keyboard and divisions of keyboard Points : keyboard and divisions of keyboard, division of keyboard, alphanumeric keypad, numeric keyboard, function keypad, screen navigation, or cursor movement keys, modifier keys Keyboard In most computers, a Key board is the primary text input device. It consists of a set of keys for computer input, which uses the same key arrangement as the mechanical and electronic typewriter keyboards that produced the computer, but with a few extra keys for computer commands and usually with the addition of a numeric keypad. The standard arrangement of alphabetic keys is known as the QWERTY (pronounced KWEHR-TEE) keyboard. The name is derived from the arrangement of five keys at the left of the upper first row of alphabetic key.

A standard key build includes about 100 keys and each key sends a different signals to the CPU. Keyboards for personal computers come in many different styles chat differ in size, number of keys and shape. Division of Keyboard Alphanumeric KeypadThis is the main part of keyboard by using this keypad the letters a-z, A-Z, numbers 0-9 and special characters like ! # $ % / – + etc may be typed. Many of these characters are typed by holding shift key. Any type of data can be entered through this keypad. Numeric Keyboard Numeric keypad usually placed on the right hand side of the keyboard that looks like a simple calculator which includes number keys from 0 to 9 digits, the tour basic operations (+, —, *, /, decimal point and Num lock key that works similar to caps lock, to force the numeric keys to input numbers. Function Keypad In the enhanced keyboard a set of twelve (keys marked as F1 to F12) is located at the top of the keyboards this function keypad is located on the left with only ten keys. All of these keys have pre-defined meanings which depend on the application software. Screen Navigation, OR Cursor Movement KeysIn many programs there is a blinking mark on the screen where the key you press will display a particular character/digit/special character. This mark called Cursor, appears in different shapes in various programs, a solid small box, a vertical line etc. Cursor control keys are used to move the cursor around the screen. Most keyboard includes the following Cursor Movement Keys. i. Arrow keys
ii. Home and End
iii. Page Up and Page Down Modifier KeysThese keys are used to modify the input of other keys. You press another key while holding down one of the modifier keys, shift, ctrl, Alt are some examples of modifier keys. i. Delete Keys
ii. Insert key
iii. Esc key
iv. Print Screen keys

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