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Parts of CPU


Parts of CPU Points : Parts of CPU, Control Unit (CU), Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Registers, Memory Unit (MU) Parts of CPU: i. Control Unit (CU)
ii. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
iii. Registers
iv. Memory Unit (MU) Control Unit (CU):Control unit directs and co-ordinates all activity of computer It controls,
Time and sequence of operation of computer.
input/Output devices.
The execution of program.
Storage and retrieval of data from memory.
Storage and retrieval of’ data from storage devices,
Routing of information between memory and (ALU).
The direction of arithmetical and logical operation. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU):Arithmetic and logic unit can perform numerical processing of data including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division,
It can perform certain logical operation i.e. <, >, <>,to make simple decision. Registers:Registers are special storage areas built into microprocessor to.
Access data at high speed.
Operate on data and to perform tasks.

Registers were first used in 8068/8088 microprocessors. There are 14 registers in a micro processor each of 16 bits width but their number and width may be changed. Memory Unit (MU):It is an internal physical part of computer and directly controlled by computer. Memory unit is also known as main memory or internal storage where data stored at identified locations and is always accessible. ft is divided into two parts.
ROM (Read Only Memory)
RAM (Read Access Memory)

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