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The Ape and the Bee - Story - Education Impression

The Ape and the Bee – Story

The Ape and the Bee

Short Story on “The Ape and the Bee”

On one occasion, an Ape saw thick syrup under a tree. The syrup look golden in the sunshine. The Ape see more drops of the syrup falling as of a branch of the tree.

The Ape idea, ‘Oh! That must be honey!’

The Ape looked up. He see high above him, a hive. He also saying that the Bees were buzzing and working jointly to make honey.

The Ape wish that he could climb up, break off a piece of the hive, chew it and have the fresh honey! But he did not move at all. He unhappily remembered, Just last week, I had try to steal honey as of the hive and the angry Bees had stung me! It was so painful!’ The Ape sighed!

A Bee in the air up to the hive looked at him. The Ape ask the Bee, “How are you able to make such a sweet superb liquid similar to honey, and at the similar time, carry such a horribly painful sting?”

The Bee nod wisely and agreed, “Yes, you know our good work tastes sweet; but you must too know that when someone tries to steal it, our anger can be just as bitter!”

If you learn from your mistakes, you will not get hurt again.

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