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Work is Real Worship - Story - Education Impression

Work is Real Worship – Story

Work is Real Worship

Short Story on “Work is Real Worship”

It was a well fair day in winter. A cricket was basking in warm sun. But he was extremely hungry as he had not eaten everything since previous night.

Cricket looked about to find something to eat. All of sudden, he saw a few ants carrying grains into their hole.

Cricket went up to the ants and thought in a humble tone, “Would you, please, spare a few grains for me. I haven’t eaten something as yesterday. I am approximately starving to death .”

The ants stopped up for a instant though it was against their habit. One of them said to the cricket, “What were you doing all the summer ? Why didn’t you store up food for the cold winter season ?”

“Truly speaking, I spend every the summer singing songs. So, I couldn’t store anything.”

“Then dance the winter away,” remarked the ant chuckling a smile. The cricket pull a long face and go away.

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